Bright Sparks –​ Our In-Store Experts to Help You

As the brands we represent continue to develop their line-ups of electrified vehicles, we've found the need for more EV knowledge and skills in our showrooms to help both staff and our customers about the EV lifestyle and not just hand out cold, hard specs and stats without letting you know how these vehicles will suit you and your life.

Although there will be vehicles in our showrooms and digital screens for customers to learn more about the models, further help is on hand from our Product Specialists and "Bright Sparks" staff.

We've trained up experts called "Bright Sparks" in hybrid and electric vehicles to provide that support and help customers to navigate the maze of decisions around models, charging, performance and much, much more!

These staff can be found in our New Car, Used Car, Commercial Vehicle Sales, and Service departments.

Our Bright Sparks expert staff will be identifiable to customers in-store with a special lapel pin (pictured).

Our Bright Sparks will help us to gain National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) accreditation for each of our dealerships that have not already earned it and these staff will share their knowledge across all our locations so that customers at all our dealers across the country will benefit.

Whether you're looking for info on different types of hybrid or electric vehicles, range, charging, government grants, finance, running costs, performance, gadgets, apps, servicing, environmental impact, test drives or more, you can ask for a Bright Spark in one of our stores or make an enquiry to request a Bright Spark gets in contact with you!

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Our Bright Sparks staff will:

  • Listen to any questions from customers about hybrid & electric vehicles (EVs), then help find the answers
  • Advise customers on whether an EV is suitable for their needs and, if so, which type of powertrain would be best
  • Demonstrate models & technology (e.g., showing how chargers work on-site, arranging an unaccompanied test drive)
  • Tell customers how to save money on a model, maintenance or running costs (e.g., our own offers, government schemes, cheaper energy tariffs)
  • Evolve our EV strategy – as everything about EVs is changing rapidly (incl. range, charging points / hubs & energy costs), we need the latest & upcoming info for customers
  • Help get National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) accreditation for our dealerships, so we know we're helping customers to the best standards