Driving Style and Habits

Arguably the biggest impact on driving range comes from the characteristics of how you drive. Of course, the types of battery and volume of charge will play an important role too, but should you be guilty of a number of bad habits picked up through years of motoring, you could well see your hybrid or electric model fall short of its overall potential.

High Speeds If you have a penchant for thrilling rides, you’ll doubtless be aware that your vehicle has to work harder. This is also the case in electric cars and will see your battery deplete faster.
Erratic Acceleration Consistent, steady acceleration results in better efficiency of performance. And, while many electric cars provide instant torque, repeated stopping and starting will impact the charge.
More Passengers The greater the mass, the harder the vehicle has to work. As such, you should ensure that you eliminate any needless weight that may be causing the model to work harder.

Climate & Weather

Environmental conditions play a significant part in affecting the performance and range of your vehicle. This is due to having to tackle more challenging surfaces, strong winds, varying temperatures, and so much more. Plus, you need to ensure that your vehicle is a comfortable environment for any journey, meaning heating and cooling is required.

Hot and Cold Temperatures According to research by What Car?, the impact of cold temperatures can reduce efficiency by up to 20%, with the added strain on batteries impacting the overall range.
Heating and Cooling Whether it’s using the air conditioning to overcome the summer sun, or heating to tackle winter chills, these systems impact the overall efficiency of the vehicle.
Wind Strength As streamlined and aerodynamic as modern vehicles are, strong winds will always lead to impaired

Car Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is an essential requirement that should never be overlooked, regardless of whether you’re behind the wheel of a petrol/diesel-powered model or an all-electric car. Experienced technicians will be able to check every component to ensure your model runs at its best at all times, with failing to address certain issues impacting range.

Tyre Pressure Tyres that are underinflated will severely impact the efficiency of your vehicle due to the difference in rolling resistance, so ensure that your tyres meet manufacturer recommendations.
Tyre Quality and Road Surface Damaged tyres and uneven road surfaces will cause your vehicle to work harder and expend more energy, so conduct visual inspections and plan routes accordingly.
Battery Degradation Over time, your electric vehicle battery will gradually degrade and be able to hold less charge. This will result in a reduction in performance and overall range of the vehicle.
How to Maximize EV Range Understand how to maximize your EV range