Details of the Century

Drawing inspiration from the colour scheme of the 1960 Mazda R360 and celebrating Mazda's centennial, all 100th Anniversary Editions feature the special 100th Anniversary logo and unique details, that make them outstand everywhere.

Bespoke Touches

The 100 Years anniversary logo is embossed on the front head restraints

On the red carpet

Luxury Burgundy mats feature the 100th Anniversary logo

Contrasting Perfectly

White soft-touch surfaces perfectly complement the Burgundy seating

Interplay of Colours 

The touches of Red and White pay homage to the colour scheme of Mazda’s first passenger car

Engraved Key Fob

Adding to that special feeling every time you reach for the key

The Smallest Details

Unique alloy wheel centre caps and the 100th Anniversary badge highlight how special this vehicle is.


The 100th Anniversary Edition models are now available to pre-order. All of them will come with a unique welcome pack consisting of a miniature model of our first passenger car, the Mazda R360, and a photobook celebrating our history. 

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Looking back to where we come from

In our 100 years of corporate history, there are a lot of important milestones to look back at. But when it comes to our cars, there’s probably none more important than our first passenger car, the Mazda R360. That’s why we celebrate our centennial with a range of special editions that pay homage to this legendary kei car.

Big things have Small Beginnings

The Mazda R360

The Mazda R360 was the definition of kei car, which translates to “light automobile”. Introduced in 1960 the Mazda R360 wasn’t the first on the market, but it immediately became the most popular kei car thanks to its stylish looks, lightweight design, driver engagement and affordability – characteristics Mazda is still known by today.