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What is SKYACTIV Technology?

We intended to create a car that makes no compromise between fuel economy and performance, SKYACTIV Technology has made this vision come true. Our cars are efficient, powerful and feature the world´s best compression ratios in a mass production model, resulting in outstanding fuel economy and, low CO2 emissions without compromising on performance.

From the body and chassis to engines and transmission, we now offer the world’s best compression ratios. Our engineers know that fuel efficiency is just as important as performance. That’s why they devised a ground breaking new way to develop our engines, so that you can sit back and focus on the pure fun of driving. Every element of the car has been reimagined to improve efficiency and maximise dynamics.


SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS represent a breakthrough in Mazda's tireless pursuit of our human-centric philosophy. As well as excellent environmental and safety performance, SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS provide integrated control of the engine, transmission, chassis and body. So you always feel at one with your car.



Up to 20 % less fuel consumption with 30 % more torque. Skyactiv-X – the first consumer gasoline engine with Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) combines the best of two worlds: The advantages of petrol and diesel technology in one motor which features direct and smooth response, powerful and high torque with outstanding fuel economy and emission values.


Mazda M Hybrid is our innovative evolution of hybrid car technology. It uses a small generator to capture energy that is normally wasted during braking. It stores that energy using it to assist the engine, saving fuel in the process by powering the car’s electrical systems and optimising your drive. So it’s not the same as a plug in hybrid, or a conventional hybrid electric vehicle - no plug or charging is required. 

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Complete Confidence In The Drive Ahead

Advanced Smart City Break Support

Take the stress out of city driving with Advanced Smart City Brake Support. Designed to help avoid or minimise the effects of collisions at speeds up to approximately 31mph. The forward-facing camera and laser-based system continually monitors the gap and closing speed to the vehicle in front, and applies the brake if a collision is likely. (Available on selected models).

Adaptive Front Lighting System

Increase visibility when driving at night with the Adaptive Front lighting System. The system adjusts the LED headlights on certain Sport Nav models when cornering to illuminate more of the road ahead, which could increase your ability to react to any potential obstacles.

Lane Departure Warning System

Mazda's Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is designed to warn the driver if the vehicle inadvertently strays from its lane. A front-view camera monitors the road ahead and calculates the car’s position relative to the lane markings. Should the system detect that the car is about to stray from its lane unintentionally, it emits an audible warning to alert the driver.


Enjoy stop-and-go city driving

i-Stop is a smart technology that saves fuel by switching off the engine when the car stops, for example when idling in traffic. At Mazda we do things differently by using direct fuel injection techniques and optimal piston positioning, Mazda's unique i-Stop allows drivers to re-start almost instantly while benefiting from a significant improvement in fuel economy.


Mazda's i-ELOOP (regenerative braking system) uses a capacitor to store electricity recovered during deceleration. This energy is then used to power the headlights, climate control, audio system, or any other of the car's electrical equipment. Not only a unique way to store otherwise wasted energy, i-ELOOP offers improved performance whilst saving you fuel in the process.