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Lockdown TV for Petrolheads

Added: 12 May 2020


As the lockdown to help manage the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, many petrolheads are despairing as there's (apparently) a limit to how many times one can modify a motor, wash it, wax it and drive it to and from the shop to get groceries once a week (although garden centres could prove to be an exciting new destination now).

The need for decent vehicular viewing has never been greater.

We've listed a few of our favourites from some of the top on-demand services, including several suitably high-octane YouTube channels if your TV happens to be wired that way.


  • Formula One: Drive To Survive
    Behind-the-scenes, access-all-areas 'docuseries' of the 2018 & 2019 World Championships with more politics than Westminster and Game Of Thrones combined.

  • Hyperdrive
    A Netflix original series that puts elite street racers in custom cars and makes them compete in a series of challenges.

  • Rush
    The 2013 film based on the intense rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda starring Chris "Thor" Hemsworth and Daniel "plays bad guys a lot" Brühl.

  • Rust Valley Restorers
    A restoration shop in Canada that turns scrap into some of the most beautiful cars you've ever seen. The Antiques Roadshow could learn a thing or two – that's all we're saying.
BBC iPlayer
  • Car Girls
    An episode following Jen & Georgia as they share their love of driving their pride and joys and showing off their cars.

  • Driven: The Billy Monger Story
    The inspirational story of 18-year-old Billy Monger in his attempts to become the first ever amputee to race competitively in single-seaters.

  • Face To Face
    An interview with legendary racing car driver Stirling Moss.

  • Football Stars in Bad Cars
    As a part of Sport Relief 2020, Fulham & Norwich City players swapped super cars for £2k hatchbacks to take on tasks & challenges.

  • Formula E
    Not out on track, sadly, but seeing pros race each other in simulators is surprisingly fun.

  • Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans
    Documentary follows movie legend Steve McQueen making "the ultimate racing movie", 1971's Le Mans.

  • The Car's The Star
    A classic episode covering the E-Type Jag.

  • Top Gear
    Not all of them, unfortunately, but the last 5 series have gone from strength to strength.

  • True North
    An episode following the Loughran family taking cars from the scrap heap and transforming them into rally supercars.
  • Auto Mundial
    Motorsport news from all around the world.

  • The Car Chasers
    US reality series following top motor dealer Jeff Allen and his team.

  • The Car Years
    Vicki Butler-Henderson & Alex Riley choose a classic car from the same year in history to go head to head against each other.
All 4
  • Britain's Best Boy Racer
    Cars and their owners compete to be crowned Britain's best in vehicle modification.

  • Race Of Champions
    Some of the world's best drivers across different formulas racing each other in bumper-to-bumper fun.
    Clarkson, Hammond & May's latest home of epic motoring and adventure.

  • Formula One
    Plenty of classic footage, thrills and spills from past grands prix.

  • Ken Block
    The Head Hoonigan himself, with videos of his serious racing as well as heavily-moddedd Fords for fun and publicity, including his popular Gymkhana series.

  • Top Gear
    Even more moving images from the popular TV series with clips going back years and more serious videos from their website.

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