!Winter Vehicle Health Check

Winter can be harsh on your vehicle. Prepare for it with our Winter Check for just £40 RRP including a complete tyre check, fluids top-up & Suzuki Video Check!

We are here for you!

 Valid for appointments booked and completed from 1st November to 22nd December 2023.

Get peace of mind with the Suzuki Winter Check, which is just £40 and includes:

Tyre Safety Check to ensure there are no lumps or bumps, and your tread depth is above the legal limit.

Essential Fluids check and top-up*** including engine oil, screen wash and anti-freeze, to keep your engine ticking along until your next service is due.

A 30-point vehicle health check so you can see exactly what your Suzuki-trained technician sees.


Terms and Conditions:

**At participating Suzuki Dealers only. Your participating Suzuki Dealer may recommend that certain essential work be carried out on the grounds of safety before you drive your vehicle. Decision of the participating Suzuki Dealer is binding and final in all matters. Contact your local Suzuki Dealer for more information.

***Fluid levels will be topped-up to the vehicle manufacturer recommended levels and are limited to half a litre (0.5L) of coolant, half a litre (0.5L) of screen wash and 1 litre (1L) of engine oil. Additional quantities of fluid will be charged accordingly with customer’s consent. Should a fault be identified as the reason for a fluid top-up being required then further investigation would be necessary and therefore fluid top-up will not be included.