New Hyundai Range i30 N

Created to deliver an exciting on-road experience, the new Hyundai i30 N has been upgraded to provide the everyday solution to race car thrills. With its fresh new design, dynamic performance and the latest tech innovations, this is a model that ensures every journey is packed with fun.
Hyundai i30 N
Available at Bletchley, Milton Keynes and Upminster Hyundai Take a test drive in the new Hyundai i30 N and see for yourself why it’s turning so many heads.
Hyundai i30 N people
Hyundai i30 N front
Performance Taking the award-winning setup of the i30 N to a new level, the most recent iteration of this high performance vehicle features enhancements such as an optional wet-type eight-speed dual clutch transmission, and increased power and torque courtesy of the Performance Pack. The 2.0-litre T-GDi engine has been developed to deliver an experience to set your pulse racing, producing 280PS and maximum torque of 392Nm. Add in responsive steering and an electronic limited-slip differential, and you’ll take even the most challenging corners with energy and precision.

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Standout exterior The new Hyundai i30 N’s exterior isn’t simply about commanding attention. Of course, with its wide grille, red accents and 19-inch forged alloy wheels, it certainly impresses, but the design is carefully executed to optimise aerodynamics and reduce drag. A rear spoiler and large air intakes help to achieve this, while Pirelli tyres enhance grip for a stable ride.
Hyundai i30 N boot
Stylish interior A sleek, sporty interior greets you as you step inside, and provides the perfect blend of comfort and control. The digital instrument cluster and multimedia display ensure data is crystal clear and controls are at your fingertips, while lightweight seats provide exceptional lateral support and supreme comfort no matter how long the journey.
Hyundai i30 N steering wheel
Hyundai i30 N alloy wheel
Music to your ears Take a break from your playlist to enjoy the powerful growl of the i30 N’s exhaust note – a sound that’s music to the ears of performance enthusiasts.
Heated front seats Take the edge of chilly winter mornings with the i30 N’s heated front seats, which add an extra layer of comfort to your ride.
Hyundai i30 N exhaust
Hyundai i30 N conrolled
Rear view camera With a rear view camera fitted as standard, completing manoeuvres or parking in tight spaces has never been so easy.
Wireless charging Clutter from cables is a thing of the past with the i30 N’s wireless charging facility. Simply place your device on the pad in the centre console to top up the battery.
Hyundai i30 N badge