Hyundai N range

The Hyundai N range takes performance to the next level. Pushing the boundaries of road vehicles to their limits and providing a thrilling drive through every bend and along every straight, these are models that deliver a sports car experience no matter where they take you.

Hyundai N cars include a series of technological advancements that are designed to make every drive more precise and more dynamic. The N Corner Carving Differential, for example, provides a unique carving experience through corners, maximising fun while maintaining stability. Then there’s the N Power Sense Axle, which incorporates N Electronic Control Suspension and adjusts the continually variable dampers for enhanced stability and optimal response.

Further enriching your experience are selectable drive modes, each of which alters the parameters of the vehicle to achieve the optimal drive for your preferences or for the road conditions. Eco mode ensures the most efficient ride, while N mode delivers intense revs, a sharp throttle response and stiff suspension for the sportiest performance. Add to that the distinct exhaust note for each drive mode, and you’re sure to be smiling every time you step behind the wheel.

As a performance vehicle, your Hyundai N model is as at home on the track as it is on the road. With a lap timer, G-force meter and shift timing indicator, you can get the very best from your vehicle and improve your personal best with each lap.

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