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Electric and rational

With electrical drive providing instant power, delivered smoothly, the Omoda E5 stirs the drivers emotions as well as making sense rationally. Be it the low starting price, long standard equipment list, or class leading battery management, the Omoda E5 is the benchmark is in value for money.

Crafted with an eye for modern elegance, the OMODA E5's exterior is more than a vision into the future; it's a bold statement that times are changing. From the signature front grille to the seamlessly integrated lighting, every detail has been meticulously designed to captivate and command attention.


Mile EV Range

340 Nm

Electric Torque



18 Mins

Fast DC Charge (30-80%)

Immerse yourself in a spacious, tech-savvy cockpit that seamlessly blends luxury with functionality. The interior is an immersive cabin of premium materials, ergonomic perfection, and intuitive controls, ensuring every journey is a first-class experience. The OMODA E5's interior is a testament to the future of electric driving – where comfort meets innovation.

This model has been given a five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP, which highlighted its excellent quality. It said: “A seatbelt reminder system is fitted as standard to the front and rear seats and the car is equipped with a system to detect driver fatigue. The lane support system gently corrects the vehicle’s path if it is drifting out of lane, and also intervenes in some more critical situations. The speed assistance system uses a camera and digital mapping to determine the local speed limit. This information is provided to the driver, who can choose to let the car adapt the limiter as appropriate”.

EURO NCAP also emphasised that the OMODA 5 “has an advanced eCall system which alerts the emergency services in the event of a crash and the ‘MCB’ [Multi-Collision Brake] system applies the brakes to prevent secondary collisions”.

The safety experts also said “The autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system can respond to vulnerable road users as well as to other vehicles. The system performed well in tests of its response to pedestrians and in tests of its response to cyclists”.

For more information or to register your interest in the OMODA E5, please contact our friendly team at Coventry, Northampton or Southend OMODA | JAECOO today!

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