Our Kia Stores – Meet The New Space Identity!

Bath Kia opens it's doors today as the first completed Kia Global Store in the Allen Motor Group.

Our Kia dealerships are all undergoing significant development to bring the new Kia Global Store Concept to the UK,.

These renovations represent a significant investment & aim to connect customers with Kia beyond just the products by encompassing all elements of their experience by creating a space dedicated to delivering a truly transformative encounter.

Bath Kia is the first location to be completed, with the rest to follow in the last quarter of 2023.  Our sites at Southend, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Brentwood & Solihull will all follow in the final quarter of 2023.

Kia Store spaces give the impression of being divided into two distinct areas. This is because each Kia Store consists of a display zone and a customer zone, with each boasting a unique spatial theme and colour palette.

At the junction of these seemingly contrasting areas, a striking crimson loop traverses the entire store. This loop serves as a unifying element, symbolizing the vibrant energy that both connects and sets apart the two spaces.

The customer zone gives off an impression nothing like a traditional dealership. With the wood tone radiating an earthy cosiness, it comes across more as a salon or living room, offering the kind of relaxation that makes everyone feel at home.

In contrast, the display zone is infused with a futuristic tone. The achromatic colour scheme, metallic surfaces and reflections aim to cut out the distractions & allow customers to fully focus on the vehicles on display.

The display zones also contain an area allowing customers to sit & appreciate the vehicular tableau from a distance, almost like enjoying art at a gallery.

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