Allen Motor Group Among Reputation’s Top Dealer Groups of 2022

Allen Motor Group / Supergroup is ranked one of the top dealer groups in the UK in Reputation’s Automotive Industry ’22 Report.

Reputation, the global leader in reputation experience management, has unveiled the top auto brands, dealerships and dealer groups in the UK based on Reputation Score.

The Reputation Score is the industry's leading metric for measuring a business's reputation. It is an essential tool for businesses to understand how they can improve customer acquisition and loyalty, based on a range of customer service metrics, including online ratings, search impressions, social engagement, and review responses.

We are delighted to share that out of the many dealer groups in the UK, Allen Motor Group has ranked 14th with a Reputation Score of 636.

This is a fantastic achievement for us having launched a new social media strategy and review management strategy in 2021. We have put a lot of focus on improving our online brand reputation and the customer experience journey at our dealerships.

Based on customer feedback from online reviews and surveys, and other data provided by the Reputation platform, we are pleased to see such a drastic improvement in our Reputation Score and (more importantly) positive changes in customer sentiment toward our brands and services. With 3 dealerships in the top 30 UK dealerships, we will be aiming for the top in the coming months.

You can read the full 2022 Automotive Reputation Report here: