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What is E10 Fuel?

E10 Fuel to replace Regular Petrol: Here’s What You Need to Know.

A newer, greener type of biofuel, named “E10”, will be replacing E5 petrol as standard from this Summer 2021. Check your vehicle is compatible before you fill up!

Standard petrol is changing. Current petrol grades (containing 5% renewable ethanol and therefore known as “E5”) will be replaced by E10, a ‘greener’ fuel containing up to 10% renewable ethanol in an attempt to reduce pollution and tackle climate change.

E10 petrol will be available at most petrol stations across the UK and can be used by the majority of cars currently on UK roads. However, vehicles built before 2011 will need to check that their vehicle is compatible. It is important to check as the new E10 fuel may cause damage to the fuel system in older models.

If you are an owner of a classic or cherished older model, you can check if your vehicle is compatible by using the free online E10 Vehicle Checker Toollaunched by the government, which covers cars, motorcycles and mopeds with a petrol engine. If your vehicle is not listed in the online Checker Tool, you will still be able to use E5 (97+ octane) petrol, which will remain available at many larger filling stations.

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