Exerior Paint Protection - £399

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Keeping your car looking newer for longer.

Supagard is the UK's market leader in professionally applied quality car care products and is approved by most leading car manufacturers. They offer a range of products which includes Paint Protection, Fabric protection, Vinyl Protection, Leather Care, Key Recovery and Security Marking. These products can be applied to both new and used vehilces.

Why should you protect your Paint?

Supagard Paint protection is a paint sealant that protects your vehicle's paintwork from the harsh environment that surrounds it like:

  • Ultra Violet rays from the sun
  • Atmospheric fallout and acid rain
  • Road salt
  • Mud and Dirt
  • Bird Droppings

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Club SmartGuard

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Why put up with irritating damage?

An increasing number of potholes on the road these days, high kerbs, smaller parking spaces, hidden bollards, gateposts, shopping trolleys and other drivers’ carelessness all increase the risk of cosmetic damage to your car.

Repairing this kind of cosmetic damage is often a costly trip to a body shop, an experience that can result in a claim on your motor insurance, an excess bill, and the inconvenience of being without your car for a number of days.

As a Club SmartGuard member, you can avoid such frustrations and benefit from biannual vehicle assessments, along with unlimited interim maintenance visits to inspect and repair wear and tear to your paintwork and alloy wheels at significantly reduced costs, all carried out at a location, date and time convenient to you. Club SmartGuard members have access to over 100 highly experienced and qualified mobile repair technicians, carrying out over 150,000 repairs each year, using cutting-edge SMART technology to repair minor damage professionally.

We come to you!

Our repair technicians use state-of-the-art vehicles that allow us to come to a location on a date and time of your choosing to carry out your repair. Therefore there’s no need to take a day off work or be left without your car whilst it is at a body shop.

Protect your pride and joy with a Club SmartGuard membership.

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