Driving During The COVID-19 Lockdown

While driving for fun is definitely against the current government guidelines as we maintain social distancing, key workers and those delivering supplies, health services, prescriptions and patients need to be kept mobile so that the whole country can keep going during this challenging time. Therefore those people driving during the duration of the lockdown obviously have to adapt some of their typical actions and behaviours to the current situation to help protect themselves and others.

Reducing the number of stops while out driving is a good idea. Rather than picking up food or drinks on the way, pack some snacks from your own kitchen first as it will have had fewer visitors than a service station and you can control the levels of hygiene in your own home far easier. Similarly, use your own toilet and wash your hands thoroughly before leaving your home or workplace. If possible, keep hand sanitiser in the vehicle.

Before setting out, it’s also wise to check whether you are likely to drive or park in any areas or zones that employ tolls or charges rather than assuming that such systems may have been stopped during the lockdown.


If you have access to hygiene products to wipe down the most often used touchpoints when getting in and out of a vehicle, this will certainly get you off to a clean start.

When you are out on the road, remember that all rules of the road are still in force. Just because the roads may be less busy, do not assume that you can travel faster than is legal or that the police will have better things to do elsewhere.

If you can control what time or day you visit a shop or other premises, then ask someone in the know when is least busy to visit so that you avoid crowding and find it easier to maintain social distancing. Also, if your vehicle, garage doors or any parking meters/similar machines use contactless payments or voice controls, use those to minimise the touchpoints and risk of exposure.

You can protect yourself when out and about by keeping 2 metres from cyclists and not shaking hands with anyone but making sure that your vehicle is clean and well ventilated. If possible, store some disposable gloves in your vehicle or another clean material so that you do not have to touch the handles of doors or fuel pumps, payment card machines, etc. with your bare hands.

When you get home, basically do everything you did on the way out in reverse by wiping down interior and exterior touchpoints before then cleaning your hands thoroughly. By following these suggestions it should be possible to reduce the risk of infection to yourself and others significantly.

Remember to keep your vehicle is good condition. If you feel that it requires a service, repair or MOT, please contact us to check the location of our nearest Service department to you and contact us to book an appointment.

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For more information please visit our COVID-19 Status and Updates page here.