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Transit Custom Nugget

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Transit Custom Nugget



Easily increase interior space

The tilt roof in the Ford Transit Custom Nugget means you’ll have plenty of room when sleeping in the high-level double bed. The hinged roof can be lowered to make the van compact and agile on the road, and raised to maximise space when parked.

On-board catering

A fully-equipped kitchen at the rear of the campervan provides you with plenty of space for cooking and for storing cans, bottles, packets, etc. The area includes a dual burner gas hob, sink and tap, and all the workspace you need to prepare a meal.

Cutting-edge driving technology

Available with a range of intelligent driver-assist technologies, the Transit Custom Nugget is designed to make every journey easier and more enjoyable. A range of advanced technologies includes a Blind Spot Information System that sees the vehicles you might miss, Intelligent Speed Assist to help keep you inside the speed limit, and Lane Keeping Alert, which lets you know if you unintentionally drift out of lane.

Room to bring your bikes

With an optional bicycle rack, you can securely fasten your bikes to the rear of the vehicle. So, now you can get out for a ride whenever you want.

Store your gas safely

The kitchen area in the Transit Custom Nugget has space to store gas canisters up to 2.8kg. And replacing the canisters couldn’t be simpler, so you’ll always be able to cook your favourite meals.

Effortless refilling

External 230-240v recharging points enable you to recharge your power supply when parked near a mains socket. There’s an external connector to refill your fresh water tank too, making it easier than ever to keep your water supply topped up.