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Kia Value Service

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Kia Value Service –Just £129!*

Vehicles 7 Years +

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The £139* Value Service With MOT – 5-Star Service at 1-Star Prices

Value Service with an MOT is from Just £169!

Sedona, Sportage & Sorento Value Service – £159

Sedona, Sportage & Sorento Value Service with MOT – £199

While not as comprehensive as our full scheduled service option, the Kia Value Service With MOT offers an impressive range of checks for such a competitive price.

Includes checks on:

> Handbrake

> Clutch

> Windscreen

> Washers, wipers

> Exterior lights and fascia illumination

> Instrument gauges, warning lights and horn

> Heating system, blower motor

> Air conditioning

> Seat belts

> Auxiliary drive belts

> Battery

> Automatic transmission

> Steering, suspension linkages

> Ball joints, driveshafts, gaiters

> Front and rear wheel bearings

> Engine and transmission

> Bonnet catch

> Wiring, pipes, hoses, oil and fuel pipes

> Engine, vacuum pump and cooling system

> Coolant expansion tank, windscreen washer

> Power steering and brake fluid reservoirs

> Coolant

> Exhaust

> Underbody

> Braking system

> Tyres including spare wheel

> Wheel nuts

> Air filter

> Oil & oil filter

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