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Kia EV6 silver
Ultra-fast charge times* *Based on 800v charger delivering min. 240kW




Are you ready? The next generation of electric vehicle is here with the Kia EV6!

The Kia EV6 is the first vehicle introduced to Kia's new philosophy of "Opposites United"

The philosophy is based on five key design pillars: Bold for Nature, Joy for Reason, Power to Progress, Technology for Life, and Tension for Serenity.

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Long Distance

Over 316 miles

(WLTP Est.)

Ultra-Fast Charging

Less than 4.5mins

for 60 miles

High Performance


0-60mph acceleration

charge lead plugged in to vehicle

Ultra-Fast Charging

The 800V high-speed multi-charging system of the EV6 enables you to find that extra time for things that really matter to you. A quick charge for 5 minutes would give you over 60 miles of driving range. It takes less than 18 minutes to charge from 10 to 80%.

High Performance & Max. Capacity

E-GMP is engineered to offer improved cornering performance and driving stability at high speed. This is due to optimal weight distribution between front and rear, a design that enables a low centre of gravity thanks to its low-mounted battery pack. The adoption of electric motors located in the space previously occupied by an engine means there's additional capacity not found in your typical sports coupé.

Over 316 miles of driving range.

EV6's 77.4kWh battery can enable over 316 miles of driving when fully charged. This means less frequent charges and, again, more time to discover your passions.

Long-term affordability.

It’s designed with the customer in mind. Kia has thought carefully about the long-term running costs too. With its new modular build system, it’s much easier and quicker to get serviced, giving you peace of mind in addition to our 7-year warranty.

Rear quarter shot of white ev6

The Kia EV6 GT

The Kia EV6 GT’s sport-infused design and wide assertive presence give it an undeniable boldness on the road. From the eye-catching front bonnet with dedicated GT grill and bumper to the strong contoured body — this electric crossover is far from shy.

Equipped with 430kW dual motors, the Kia EV6 GT takes electric performance to another level. With a maximum 740Nm torque, the AWD GT version accelerates from 0-to-100km/h in an eye-watering 3.5 seconds and can reach a top speed of 260km/h (preliminary development targets). With the addition of electronic-Limited Slip Differential software to the EV6 GT version only, drivers will enjoy confident control and dynamic ride and handling in all conditions.

Kia EV6 front corner


Inspiration in its purest form: the Kia EV6 excites with a spacious interior, relaxation seats, and premium audio to give you enough room and comfort to get your ideas flowing. With its ultra-fast charging technology, it reduces the charging duration and gives you more time to pursue your creativity.

Sustainable Materials

The seats are made from recycled PET plastic bottles, high-quality vegan leather or suede.

​Panoramic Dual 12.3” Curved Displays

The high-definition design of EV6’s dual curved displays provides clear, unobstructed visibility while providing intuitive menus and visuals.

Augmented Reality Head-Up Display

The new AR heads-up display introduces a virtual display on the windscreen to guide you to your destination. It provides all the key information for hassle-free & safe trips.

Kia EV6 white front
Kia EV6 top
Kia EV6  steering wheel
Kia EV6 interior