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What is Motability?
The Motability Scheme provides an affordable, worry-free way for people with disabilities to lease a car in exchange for their mobility allowance. The Scheme is operated by Motability Operations Ltd, under contract to Motability, a registered charity.

Allen Kia (located in Bath near Bristol and Solihull near Birmingham, Brentwood and Southend-on-Sea) are both part of the Allen Motor Group. Allen Motor Group's network of over 30 locations stretches across the south of England from Bath and Swindon in the west, through the Midlands, Berkshire and London, to Kent and Essex in the South East.

More About Motability

We are a Motability Premier Partner which means that there are fully trained Motability specialists at each of our sites to give you the best information and advice to help you choose a vehicle that both suits your immediate requirements and serves you well for the full 3 years of your Motability agreement.


Do you have specially trained members of staff to help Motability customers?


There are friendly, fully trained Motability Specialists at each of our dealerships who will give you the best information to help you pick a car that suits your requirements and then look after you for the 3 years of your Motability agreement.​​

How can I test drive a car that I like?


Our trained Motability Specialists can arrange everything you need for a test drive. Just call us or tap the "Contact Us" button on this page to contact us and we will listen to or read your requirements before setting up whatever you need.

How can I use the Motability Scheme to get a car?


In the Motability Scheme you simply exchange your mobility allowance for a car that suits your requirements. Your allowance will go directly to the Motability Scheme in exchange for a car. With Motability you do not necessarily need to drive yourself – you can nominate up to two drivers who may be friends or relatives, plus parents or carers can apply on behalf of a child aged three years and upwards. Just call us or tap the "Contact Us" button on this page to contact us and we will help you to organise the application and all the paperwork necessary.