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A Breath of Fresh, Clean Air

Interior cleaning options for your health & well-being

Cabin Air Filter and In-Car Sanitation

Bacteria, pollen and fungi enter your vehicle through the cabin ventilation and air-conditioning system. Once inside the cabin, they can cause problems for drivers and passengers. These include:

Unpleasant odours

Allergies including hay fever


Your cabin air filter will need replacing over time as the filter becomes less effective by getting clogged with filtered particles. This reduces the airflow through the cabin vents, allowing dust and allergens to circulate within your car.

How Can You Keep Your Kia Safe and Clean?

You have a choice of two cleaning options available at our four Kia locations in Bath, Brentwood, Solihull and Southend:

Interior Cleaning Options for Health and Well-being

Regular cabin air filter replacement is important to ensure fresh air and cleaner air in your Kia’s air con. / ventilation system and to maintain a cleaner vehicle interior. However, sometimes changing the filter alone is not enough. For this reason we also recommend disinfecting the air-conditioning system.

Kia Genuine Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter of your Kia is designed to filter the air entering the vehicle. To ensure its effectiveness it requires regular maintenance and replacement. Your vehicle's cabin air filter should be replaced at least every 2 years or 20,000 miles based on your maintenance schedule.

How the Cabin Air Filter Works

A Kia Genuine Cabin Air Filter contains a filtration medium. The medium traps airborne particles before they can enter the ventilation and air-conditioning systems and find their way into the vehicle’s interior.

Over time, the trapped particles will clog the filter, reducing the airflow. This cuts the efficiency and effectiveness of the air-conditioning and ventilation systems, allowing dust and allergens into the air-conditioning system. So, it is essential to have your A/C system cleaned regularly and your cabin air filter replaced regularly.

Why Choose a Kia Genuine Cabin Air Filter?

It’s important to replace the cabin air filter in your Kia only with another Kia Genuine Air Filter, designed and engineered for your model. Its perfect fit ensures there are no gaps where dirty air can bypass the filter. Optimum thickness and surface area (with the ideal number and size of pores) provide effective filtration with sufficient airflow.

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