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To keep your vehicle as clean as possible we are not only using our recent hygiene and social distancing measures but we have introduced the SANY CAR vehicle sanitisation system!

Our drivers use protection kits (including gloves, steering wheel covers, seat covers, and a floor mat) when driving for us, paperwork is emailed where possible or left in the vehicle, doors are locked after cleaning to avoid contamination, keys and touchpoints are cleaned with antibacterial wipes, and handovers are conducted with social distancing.

Every vehicle sold at our dealerships is sanitised using SANY CAR, the latest vehicle sanitising technology.


This medical grade device sanitises and deodorises both the interior and whole air-conditioning system of every type of vehicle by using a specially calibrated quantity of ozone which reaches even seemingly inaccessible areas.

Ozone is proven to be highly effective in neutralising bad odours and more than 99% of bacteria, moulds, fungi, yeasts, pollens and insects, as well as deactivating viruses. It is one of the most effective natural sanitisers and stronger than many traditional chemical cleansers. Ozone also leaves no chemical residues in the cabin and does not damage fabrics, rubber or electrics.


Ozone is not flammable, abrasive or explosive. It does not cause irritation to skin, walls, fabric, pieces of furniture, equipment and objects, nor does it harm animals or the environment.

Once the treatment is complete, the SANY CAR system’s inbuilt “Safe System” makes sure that the vehicle is safe for immediate use by converting any leftover ozone back again into oxygen.

For more details about our hygiene and social distancing measures, please tap here.