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Kia EV6 Charges to the Rescue!

On a cold and gloomy winter's evening in 2022, Thorpe Hall School in Southend-On-Sea experienced an unexpected power cut midway through a programmed and filmed show put on by Rebecca’s Dance School from nearby Hullbridge. The lights went out, the theatre was dark, and Rebecca Juson and her young dancers were unable to continue the show for the students' families.

It was found that there was a power outage across the entire neighbourhood – but an All-Electric Kia EV6 came to the rescue!

Within minutes of the EV6 being connected, they could switch the lights and soundtrack back on and the show could continue, thanks to the model's Vehicle-to-Load functionality.

Rebecca Juson said: “We had a power cut, just before the interval, and it was an ‘Oh my, what do we do?’ moment. We searched the theatre for a generator, which there wasn’t, but then the tech man, Jon, mentioned the electric car in the car park. It belonged to one of the grandparents, who were happy for us to give it a try. So Jon connected that up, and we managed to get minimal stage lighting and music, so we could carry on with the show. It was nothing I had heard of before or thought we could do.”

Rebecca decided to put on the show again on 21st January 2023 to raise money for two charities – The Maisie Tothill Foundation & Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK. Anyone wanting to attend can contact Rebecca on 07766 005330.

Although Mrs Juson's Kia Sportage contains handy advanced tech, it was the EV6 that Martin Spencer (grandfather of one of the dancers) had bought from Southend Kia that saved the day.

Unlike other electric vehicles which only accept one-way charging solutions, the Kia EV6 becomes a portable energy source, letting people power devices inside or outside the vehicle, wherever they are.

220V of alternating current powers devices (such as a large TV screen or a medium-sized air conditioner) for 24 hours simply by selecting "EV Ready" or "Utility" mode and using the outlet at the base of the rear seat. Outside, one can simply attach the vehicle-to-load connector to the charging outlet (grade dependent).

Discover the full capabilities of the Kia EV6: https://bit.ly/discover-ev6

EV6 charging photo