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Brake Care During Lockdown

Added: 30 April 2020


As the lockdown continues, professionals in car care such as ourselves and other trusted sources in the automotive industry have been trying to warn motorists of some of the issues that arise when a vehicle is inactive. As well as batteries, other parts of our vehicles that can suffer are brakes.

If a vehicle has been stationary for some time with the parking brake on, it is possible for the brakes to seize up as the usual motions of the vehicle will have previously prevented rust building up on the brake disc, particularly around the rim.

James Fairclough, CEO of AA Car, has said: ““To prevent this, it’s good practice to release the parking brake and move the vehicle a short distance back and forth at the same time as running the engine.”

We should add that you should not leave the parking brake off unless the vehicle is in a garage without a sloping floor or using blocks under the wheels to prevent them from moving. Also, it is important that you do not run a conventional, traditional fuel engine inside a confined space (such as a garage) as fumes may build up to dangerous levels.

Following Mr Fairclough’s advice should help to scrape the rust off the discs, revealing shiny metal underneath.

After the lockdown, it’s a wise idea to book your vehicle in with us for a health check, ask us to perform an antibacterial treatment for the air conditioning system, and replace the pollen filter. That way you can have peace of mind that essentials such as brakes and batteries are working optimally and the air in the your cabin is cleansed properly with fewer particles posing a risk to your health.

In the meantime, if you feel that you need a service, repair or MOT of an urgent or safety-related nature, or you are a Motability customer or Key Worker, please contact us to check the location of our nearest open Service department to you and contact us to book an appointment.

To contact us, please email, select one of the dealers in our Dealer Directory to find the relevant phone number to call us on, chat with us by texting 07520 649139 or use the online 24/7 Live Chat facility on our website to instantly message us. We will then help you as soon as possible.

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