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COVID-19 Showing Our Love For The NHS

Added: 23 April 2020


As well as supporting key workers through our service departments (several were open in strategic locations to help keep people doing essential work mobile), NHS staff offers, and helping to deliver food to hospitals with our vehicles, we wanted to show our love of carers, key workers and the NHS more obviously.

Although we created a poster that we can all as individuals or families put in our windows, we wanted much bigger posters for our own windows!

As our showrooms are in great positions for people passing during their daily exercise or while driving for essential purposes (such as weekly shopping, making deliveries or travelling to their place of employment as key workers), we’ve created these posters to say thank you to the many people who work for the emergency services, National Health Service, care homes, councils, waste disposal, postal firms, courier companies, and every other example of work that keeps our lives going.

In short – Thank You to the NHS, Carers & Key Workers!