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How to Protect Paint from Bird Droppings

Added: 07 May 2020


Regardless of what you call it (poo, poop, excrement or… something else), bird droppings are well known for damaging the paint on vehicles, so it’s best to clean it off as fast as possible.

While droppings can at least leave staining, it’s well documented that more permanent corrosion can happen to a vehicle’s paintwork if the nitrogen-based part of the poop or ‘bird lime’ is left to eat away at it. It might not be the most pleasant of tasks but it’s better to remove it quickly than to leave it and end up paying out hundreds of pounds in repairs.

Even when getting rid of it, it’s advisable to use appropriate tools and products or more damage could be done during its removal.

While the acidity of the excrement has often been blamed for damage, it has in fact been found that as the top layer of paint softens as it warms during a day, bird droppings dry into a hard mess. When the paint cools later, it then contracts around the solid mass to cause marks, ripples, flaking and other damage.

Therefore it’s best to fly into action as soon as possible and before the excrement dries and hardens, especially in hot weather. If the droppings have dried, leave a wet rag/sponge on it for a while to soften it again.

Using products made specifically for cleaning paintwork is better than washing up liquid. It may seem mild on your hands, but this strip your paint or any protective treatments you had applied. It’s worth not scrubbing too hard either for the same reasons.

Once removed, it’s a good idea to let the area dry and then wax it to restore its sheen.

For areas around your paintwork, such as glass or rubber, use a window cleaning product that will probably contain vinegar to leave a clear finish or a black plastic / rubber restorative.

If you’ve been unlucky enough that it has left permanent damage, then just give our Service departments a call to book an appointment when you can.

To contact us, please email, select one of the dealers on our Dealer Directory page to find the relevant phone number to call us on, chat with us by texting 07520 649139 or use the online 24/7 Live Chat facility on our website to instantly message us. We will then help you as soon as possible.

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