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Rodent Damage Check

Added: 14 May 2020


Most people would agree that they have seen a mouse scurry across the floor somewhere they’ve lived. But have you ever spotted a mouse in your car? It happens more than you’d think!

Finding rodents in your vehicle is a disturbing surprise, but they can also cause serious damage to your vehicle. Mice and rats damage cars in various ways. Unused or rarely driven vehicles can make warm, dry shelters for rodents to take up residence.

Signs You May Have Rodents in Your Car

  • Visual sightings of droppings and urine, along with bad smells
  • Unusual sounds – listen out for vibrating noises from the fan heater that could indicate a nest in the heater blower motor
  • Finding food stores such as nuts, seeds and small pieces of food in strange places which could have been brought into your car to eat

How Rodents Can Damage Your Vehicle?

The main ways that rodents can damage your car are through chewing and nesting.


Rodents need to frequently chew on things to sharpen their teeth. All rodents have self-sharpening incisor teeth that never stop growing. They will chew through almost anything they encounter, such as:

  • Wires
  • Hoses
  • Plastic panels
  • Power steering lines


Rodents need to build nests for shelter. They harvest the nesting material from:

  • Hood liner insulation
  • Carpet insulation
  • Interior upholstery

Common nest locations in vehicles are:

  • Heater blower motors
  • Under the centre console
  • Behind plastic panelling
  • The engine compartment
  • The boot
  • Air conditioning ducts

If you believe you may have rodent damage, then get in touch and book an appointment!

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