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Personal Finance – Finance Options to Suit Your Needs

A vehicle is a substantial purchase for almost everyone and a financing agreement that suits your specific needs can be just as beneficial in the long term as your vehicle’s affordable headline price. Allen Ford, Essex Ford & SMC Ford are pleased to offer a selection of financing packages to suit the needs of any customers, with conventional loans accompanied by flexible Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase arrangements.

Ford Hire Purchase

This simple agreement enables you to take full ownership of the vehicle by dividing the total cost of your car (minus the deposit) into monthly repayments over a pre-agreed period. Ford Hire Purchase deals are available with both fixed and variable interest rates, and repayments can also be made either in advance or arrears – making a Ford Hire Purchase agreement even more flexible.

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Personal Contract Purchase

These policies are very popular, due to the great choice and flexibility they allow customers. The monthly repayments are calculated by agreeing on the cost of the car (plus interest accrued) and deducting both the deposit and estimated value of the car at the end of the term (based on your expected annual mileage). At the end of the agreements (which can be as long as 42 months), customers have the choice of either handing the car back to the dealership or paying the remaining lump sum to take ownership of the car.

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Ford Business Finance in the South of England, the Midlands, Berkshire, London, Kent & Essex

Allen Ford, Essex Ford & SMC Ford are trusted and experienced Ford dealers in the south of England. We serve customers and businesses on a range of budgets and our team is adept at putting together financial packages that make things as cost effective for you as possible. Whether you represent a start-up, a small or medium enterprise or a larger company, choose us for finance that makes sense.

Choosing a Ford Lease scheme offers a number of benefits. It’s perfect if you want to take ownership of your chosen Ford car and, as it allows you to delay part of the cost, it’s ideal for those starting out on a smaller budget. At the end of the agreement you’ll pay a final fee and this scheme allows you to mark the car as an asset on your company’s balance sheet, letting you write down its value against profits.

Businesses that do not intend to outright purchase one of our Ford cars can choose the Ford Finance Lease. This package is only available to businesses – we’ll loan you the car for a fixed term, with manageable set repayments, and, when you sell the vehicle at the end of the agreement, you’ll receive the proceeds.

Our schemes are affordable and also practical. Allen Ford, Essex Ford & SMC Ford are all part of the Allen Ford Group, a single, trusted organisation, so you won’t need to tangle with unnecessary paperwork. All of our schemes are regulated by Car Care Plan and our range of aftersales extras, including Breakdown Assistance, ensure you’ll be protected throughout the scheme.

To find out more about payment schemes for business customers at Allen Ford, Essex Ford & SMC Ford, please get in touch with our team today, or make an enquiry.

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