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Ford Car Care Plan



Allen Ford, Essex Ford and SMC Ford are providing their customers with a selection of optional products that will ensure their vehicle can be returned to showroom condition should they experience damage such as an annoying scrape to the paintwork or a scuffed alloy leaving that tight parking space.

Watch our videos below for more information on these products.

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Club SmartGuard

Why put up with irritating damage?

An increasing number of potholes on the road these days, high kerbs, smaller parking spaces, hidden bollards, gateposts, shopping trolleys and other drivers’ carelessness all increase the risk of cosmetic damage to your car.

Repairing this kind of cosmetic damage is often a costly trip to a body shop, an experience that can result in a claim on your motor insurance, an excess bill, and the inconvenience of being without your car for a number of days.

As a Club SmartGuard member, you can avoid such frustrations and benefit from biannual vehicle assessments, along with unlimited interim maintenance visits to inspect and repair wear and tear to your paintwork and alloy wheels at significantly reduced costs, all carried out at a location, date and time convenient to you. Club SmartGuard members have access to over 100 highly experienced and qualified mobile repair technicians, carrying out over 150,000 repairs each year, using cutting-edge SMART technology to repair minor damage professionally.

We come to you!

Our repair technicians use state-of-the-art vehicles that allow us to come to a location on a date and time of your choosing to carry out your repair. Therefore there’s no need to take a day off work or be left without your car whilst it is at a body shop.

Protect your pride and joy with a Club SmartGuard membership.

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Extended Warranty

Warranty protection for your vehicle – peace of mind for you!

A modern car is an extremely reliable machine but it is also an extremely complex one with thousands of sophisticated moving parts. The older a vehicle becomes and the more miles it drives, the higher the risk of mechanical or electrical failure of these parts.

This means that should anything go wrong, the cost of repairs could come as an unpleasant surprise. In fact, when labour charges are added, even the simplest of problems could land you with a considerable bill.

Unfortunately, these repair costs can often come after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

DriverFirst Warranty protects you against these unexpected costs and is designed to get you back on the road quickly and easily.

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car care plan

Service Plan

Protect your investment.

A simple, easy, and cost-effective way to maintain your vehicle and its value.

You can save money over time by making sure that your vehicle gets regular servicing to maintain its fuel economy, lower the chance of it breaking down, and retaining as much of its resale value as possible. Much of the initial expense can deter many motorists from regular servicing though, so it is useful to be able to spread the costs out with a service plan.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s servicing costs are covered by convenient monthly payments. This helps you to avoid the unpleasant surprise of a potentially big, one-off expense and any possible price rises from inflation, etc., by fixing servicing costs at a more affordable level over the long term.

Just get in touch with us to ask about the flexible service plans available to keep you on the road.

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