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What is the ULEZ?

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was launched in April 2019. Its purpose is to reduce harmful vehicle emissions and thereby improve air quality. It does so by encouraging the use of cars that produce low / zero emissions and discouraging those vehicles which produce high-emission levels.

Which Areas Does ULEZ Affect?

Currently, ULEZ applies to all parts of London contained within the North and South Circular Roads – but from 29th August 2023, ULEZ will expand to include every London borough.

New Low-Emission Cars

There are many good reasons for choosing a low or zero-emissions car – exemption from ULEZ charges is just one of them. Hybrid and electric cars are affordable to run, kinder to the environment, and exempt from Clean Air Zone tariffs enforced in many other UK cities.


Please check out our frequently asked questions below – if you still have a query, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Allen Ford, Essex Ford or SMC Ford team.

Are There Any Other Incentives for Converting to a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle?


Yes, the latest scrappage scheme provides eligible applicants with up to £2,000 when they scrap their existing, non-ULEZ-friendly vehicle. Full details can be found at

Is There a Penalty for Driving in the Zone Without Paying the Fine?


There is. In such circumstances, drivers are liable for a £180 penalty charge.

I Want to Buy a Hybrid Vehicle – Will It be Exempt from ULEZ Charges?


Yes, all hybrid vehicles (mild, full and plug-in hybrids) meet with ULEZ emissions standards.

Do Any Ford Vehicles Produce Zero CO2 Emissions?


Yes, the Mustang Mach-E and Mustang Mach-E GT are fully electric, which means it produces zero CO2 and NOx emissions. They’re also very cost effective to run, despite their considerable power.

Everything You Need to Know About ULEZ

This short video presented by Ross Lydall, Transport Editor of the Evening Standard, provides a handy guide to ULEZ.

Charging Your ULEZ-Friendly Plug-In Hybrid or Electric Vehicle

All mild hybrid and full hybrid Fords are self-charging, which means no driver input is required. Alternatively, plug-in hybrid and pure-electric Ford models need manual charging, which can be done at home, at work or at one of thousands of public charging points located across the UK.

Latest ULEZ News

Keep pace with all ULEZ developments with Allen Ford, Essex Ford and SMC Ford.