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Allen Ford Teams with ZoomEV for Mustang Mach-E Rentals

Allen Ford, Essex Ford & SMC Ford are thrilled to announce our partnership with ZoomEV, offering customers the chance to rent the Ford Mustang Mach-E, an exciting electric vehicle (EV), from our locations.

ZoomEV provides easy EV rentals via their app. Their mission statement is to enable the flexible use of electric vehicles, provide the best EV benefits to drivers, and reduce CO2 emissions from transport.

The collaboration aims to provide hassle-free access to sustainable transport options while addressing common EV concerns.

According to Paul Hellings, a recent ZoomEV customer, the experience was overwhelmingly positive, dispelling doubts about EVs. "On the whole, it was a really positive experience and dispelled that 'I can’t see me driving an EV' vibe," Paul explained.

Paul praised ZoomEV's user-friendly portal, highlighting its ease of navigation. He also commended the seamless rental process, saying, "Charging apps were both very easy to download, and ZoomEV codes worked flawlessly."

During collection, Paul encountered helpful staff who provided thorough instructions about the vehicle and offered valuable driving tips. His initial drive impressions were positive, noting the Mustang Mach-E's speed and ease of handling.

Throughout the weekend, Paul explored the capabilities of the Mustang Mach-E, finding charging solutions at nearby locations and leveraging the ZoomEV app to monitor charging progress. Despite initial complexities with charging stations, Paul found the process straightforward, particularly when charging at home.

Reflecting on his experience, Paul emphasised the importance of access to home-charging infrastructure for EV owners. He praised the seamless interactions with the ZoomEV portal, stating, "Interactions with the ZoomEV portal were great, intuitive, and easy."

Allen Ford, Essex Ford & SMC Ford's partnership with ZoomEV underscores our group commitment to sustainable mobility solutions. By offering EV rentals, we aim to empower customers to experience the benefits of electric vehicles firsthand, while addressing concerns related to charging infrastructure and usability.

Experience the future of driving with Allen Ford, Essex Ford & SMC Ford and ZoomEV.

Just check out the Frequently Asked Questions on Zoom EV's website.

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