All-New Ford Kuga

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Added: 17 December 2019


All-New Ford Kuga

Say hello to the most electrifying ALL-NEW KUGA yet!
The sleek, spacious All-New Kuga SUV will be one of Ford’s most electrifying cars ever – in more ways than one! As well as advanced connectivity and driver assistance technologies, it’s the first Ford to offer mild-hybrid, self-charging full-hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. These different powertrains suit different lifestyles, such as short local trips or a long daily commute.

Each model can store energy from braking and the conventional engine in a battery, so that it can then be used in another on-board motor (useful for shorter distances or stop-start journeys in the town or city). As its name would suggest, the plug-in hybrid can also be plugged-in to charge its larger high voltage battery, letting you to drive longer distances on all-electric power.

For a limited time only, you can see a pre-production model of the All-New Ford Kuga at one of our locations below during our Exclusive Preview Events!

Tap on the name of your nearest dealership for full location details!

All-New Ford Kuga ST-Line (white)
Warwick, 7th – 15th Dec.
Northampton, 17th – 22nd Dec.
Swindon, 27th Dec. – 2nd Jan. 2020
Slough, 4th – 8th Jan. 2020
All-New Ford Kuga ST-Line (red)
Dunton, 7th – 15th Dec.
Romford, 17th – 22nd Dec.
Crayford, 27th Dec. – 6th Jan. 2020

To see the distinctively designed All-New Kuga, you'll soon be able to visit all of our locations in person where you can ask our friendly staff about its cutting-edge features.

Alternatively, to register your interest you can either use the enquiry button on this page or call us on the phone – simply ring the Sales Dept. at your nearest Allen Ford, Essex Ford or SMC Ford dealership. Contact details can be found by tapping on this link to our Dealership Locator!

For more details about this exciting vehicle, you can read all about the All-New Ford Kuga Hybrid by tapping this link – the All-New Ford Kuga Hybrid.

We look forward to you hearing from you soon!

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